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Who we are

PayWay is a brand of African Vending Systems Ltd. It is a private company that emerged on the Ugandan instant payments market in 2009. It employs high-tech innovations to solve varying customer payment needs. Our main goal is to develop and improve capabilities of instant payment systems in Uganda and other African countries as a whole. As a conduit between the various service providers, dealers and end-users, we seek to create convenient and effective partnerships that are of mutual benefit for all.

What we do

PayWay develops solutions for various platforms and ensures convenience of payment processes. We develop independent payment software for various platforms. We also design and develop payment apps and devices to offer easy-to-use tools for every-day payments including: - public utilities and taxes, airtime top ups, TV subscriptions, activations for Internet bundles, loan repayments, purchasing of tickets, etc.


To provide the most affordable, secure, easy to use and convenient means dedicated to solving all payment related needs and more.


To develop into the best and most preferred payment platform in the country, region and Africa as a whole.


The Managing Director appointed by the Board of Directors is responsible for the running of the company together with a team of professional Staff. Current managing director is Kirill Grebennikov.


PayWay is regulated by the National Information Technology Authority - NITA and we are a registered company under the laws governing registration of businesses in the country.